Kids Parties

THERUGBYUNIVERSE know just how special a kid’s birthday party is to them and their parents!

We aim to add a fun, colourful and active element to each party to engage the kids! Our coaches are friendly and will run some fun exercises, ball skills, and games, using soft rugby balls and colourful equipment to make it exciting and safe!

Our Rugby Parties

  • Tiny Tacklers Party - available for 2 to 7 year olds

  • Space Invaders Party - available for 7-8 year olds

  • Transformers Party - available for 9 - 11 year olds

    • One hour duration

    • Up to 15 kids requires one coach. Cost = £175 excluding travel cost per coach.

    • 15 to 30 kids requires two x coaches. Cost = £200 excluding travel cost per coach.

    • Over 30 requires three x coaches. Cost = £225 excluding travel cost per coach.

    • Each party includes a personalised t-shirt, a birthday certificate for the birthday boy or girl. *Note: If it is a combined party we need to add £15 per additional personalised t-shirt!

    • Each kid will also get a stamp and a sticker for participating.

    • And we hand out a couple of Thumbs Up awards.

    • The awards are one for FAIR PLAY and one for BEST PASS & CATCH.

Booking Process

  • To avoid disappointment please book us in advance for your kid’s party!

  • First step is to complete the party request form on this page.

  • We’ll receive the form and do our checks to see if it is possible from our side regards to the date, location and coaches required.

  • We will notify you by email if possible or provide alternative dates or times.

  • Once details have been agreed between us, we’ll raise an invoice.

  • We do require a deposit to secure the party and date with us.

  • Final checks - one to two weeks prior to the party.

  • Final payment required before or on the day of the party.

Party Request Form

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