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For all shapes and sizes


We are creators of fun rugby programmes for boys and girls at all levels. All of our programmes aim to be based on the fundamentals of physical development and the fundamentals of the beautiful game of rugby. Our aim is to help maximise the development of these fundamentals in kids, while we build confidence, important social skills, and grow a passion for the game.

We believe in the value of fun, but also believe that hard work beats talent. We champion the development of the player as a whole, and over the long term. Our programmes start with kids as young as 18 months old and continue up to when they enter the adult game.

We aim to develop all the key areas needed by players, to play the game in whatever format they choose. We use our unique coaching method in THERUGBYUNIVERSE programmes.

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Areas of development

Technical skills

The development of technique under pressure.

Tactical skills

The development of game sense, game management, awareness, anticipation, decision-making and finishing.

Physical ability

Fundamental movement and motor skills, hand-eye coordination, strength, balance, power, agility, speed, endurance.

Psychological skills

The development of a growth mindset and positive behaviours of team spirit, encouragement, teamwork, friendship, resilience, trust, respect, humility, discipline and self motivation.

Leadership skills

Self-organisation, self-reflection, self-correction, problem solving, decision making, communication, people skills, social skills and authenticity.


Programme delivery

Weekly programme sessions

School partnerships - after school clubs, curriculum delivery

Club partnerships

Holiday camps



A team game for all shapes and sizes

To play a part in the development of our young people, has been one of the core reasons for creating THERUGBYUNIVERSE. Rugby is a beautiful game that has a place for all shapes and sizes! A game that teaches life skills based on the core values of respect, humility, trust, resilience, team work and discipline. It embraces the individual, human spirit and a team culture.

About the creators

Corné du Rand, the creator of THERUGBYUNIVERSE, strongly believes that rugby is a game for all. He feels kids learn valuable life skills, build confidence, and are healthier in body and mind when they are involved in good sports environments. Such environments promotes fun, purposeful learning, inclusiveness and leadership development.

Born in South Africa, a country with a strong rugby culture, he fell in love with the game from a very young age, making lifelong friends, cherishing everything the game added to his life. In 1995, while studying a business degree in Recreation and Sports Management at the University of Pretoria, Nelson Mandela, a world leader and president of the new post-apartheid South Africa, handed over the Webb Ellis Cup to the hosts, South Africa. Crowning the country's beloved Springbok rugby team as the new world champions!

Experiencing firsthand, the power of sport, in binding a nation’s people together, has been a key influence in Corné’s belief that sport has a major role to play in people's lives, their communities and the wider world we live in.

Corné deems that he has been very fortunate in being part of fantastic team environments as he grew up. He played rugby from the age of 6 at school and captained various teams, including at university and club levels. He played representative rugby for his provinces at school and at university, in South Africa, before he played professional and semi-professional rugby in the Republic and the UK. His coaching journey started at university but his first paid position was as a player-coach for Ealing Trailfinders senior men’s first team in London in 2006. As a RFU Level 3 qualified coach, who has coached all ages and at all levels, and who has worked for numerous rugby clubs to help design, lead and deliver beneficial rugby programmes in communities, he felt it was time to put his ideas, beliefs and experience all to work through THERUGBYUNIVERSE.

The mission is to design and deliver popular and leading programmes with a person centred approach as the key, using a uniquely designed coaching method to teach the fundamental skills of the game and to develop positive behaviours within individuals.

The vision is to have a global footprint through our coaching delivery and to impact communities and lives of young people in a positive way.

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About our coaches

All our coaches are recruited and trained up as creators of fun learning environments. Our coaches use our unique coaching method to help develop our young people as healthy human beings. Our coaches shows integrity, a passion for the game, humility and a genuine interest in the person as an individual. We love seeing young people achieve their goals, and we hope our programmes and those delivering it, bring out the best in the individual.

Privacy Policy

 We do not use your data other than to stay in contact. We will update you with our classes, events & relevant information. We do not share your information with anyone else. The booking and payment systems are secure and GDPR compliant.

Please keep information up to date to enable us to deliver the best customer service we possibly can.

Terms and Conditions

Prices, Terms & Policies

Cost for Classes

Tiny Tacklers - The current cost works out to £10 per session and is paid by term. So if a term has 12 sessions the cost for the term will be £120.00. Should spaces be available during the term, you are more than welcome to sign your child up for the remainder of the term. You must register for the term/remainder of the term or book a free trial for your child to attend a class. You are welcome to register your interest via the booking form or contact form, and we’ll get back in touch. You will be added to a waiting list should there be no spaces available. We’ll communicate this with you.

Camps - Currently cost from £30 per child per day. Sibling discount of 25% applies for more than 1 child signed up in the same week of camps.

Sibling Discount

  • We have a sibling discount when you sign more than one of your kids up in the same term for an specific programme for example: Tiny Tacklers

  • To qualify for the discount, you must sign them all up at the same time (on our online booking system and for the same term)

  • 20% discount on any Sibling - applicable to all programmes apart from camps

  • 25% camp sibling discount - applicable for 2 or more siblings booked in on rugby and multi sport holiday camps. *Only applicable for the same camp dates.


  • WOW! Well done!

  • We will first congratulate you if you have a fourth child taking part in the same programme or same week of camps.

  • Then we’ll give your 4th child a free place! Just because you’ve earned it!

  • NOTE: MUST BE signed up in the same term or week of camps as the others!

Minimum Numbers per Class, Camp or Events

For us to run a healthy business and provide the best possible product we can only run classes, camps and events where we have minimum numbers. This depends on the venue, coaching and relevant cost. The following is guideline of minimum numbers:

  • Weekly class/session = 6 or more

  • Camp per day = 5 or more

  • Events = 10 or more

Times, Dates & Venues

The session you signed up for will run on the same time each week and during the term. We will aim to communicate in advance should a time, date or venue change occur for a particular class. We hire the venues and at times the space might be required by the organisation we hire it from or they might ask us to change the times. If we can make alternative arrangements we will.

As we build the numbers in our classes per venue, we tend to combine two different age groups to get to the minimum numbers. This will mean that the time you booked for, might be earlier or later to accommodate this. We will communicate this with you.

Cancellation / Refund policy

You can cancel for a full refund, at anytime up to two days before the first session of the term or camp starts. We suggest a free trial class first (*not applicable to events or camps), before you pay for the whole term. Should you want to cancel during the term, you will receive credit to use for future sessions and it is only transferrable to a sibling, and not to friends unfortunately. This will be effective from the day you cancel.

For any issues you can call us or email us at